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Welcome Explorer! Here you can generate all the elements you need for your journey.

The discover action is back. The rplanet developer reintroduced the discover to the game to slow the crafting process down.
The login window will automatically show once all required resources are loaded!
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What do you want to craft?

Your Inventory

Here you can see all the precrafts in your wallet. Click an element if you want to transfer it to a different account.

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Here you can change the crafting behaviour of the generator. If you do not know what these options mean better don't touch them.

Crafting Queue

Element Quantity
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Start experimenting!

Try new recipes. Who knows!? Maybe you are the next big inventor of rPlanet!

Click each slot and slect an element. When you are happy with your selection try it out and maybe become the next inventor!


How does this work?
  1. Select the elements and quantity that you want to craft
  2. Add them to the Crafting Queue
  3. When you are done click the Start Crafting button.
In addition to the regular rPlanet crafting fee this generator charges 0.0099 WAX per craft.

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